Rapid Rehydration, Instant Immunity Support

PowerPAQ Electrolyte Replacement Packs replenish lost electrolytes, vitamin levels and mineral reserves for 'best in class' hydration optimization and immune support.

Water alone doesn't replenish and rehydrate with the speed and efficiency of PowerPAQ, making it the total body rehydration choice of Elite Athletes, like Pro-Surfer Cam Richards (Watch His Review Here)- He prefers the Lemon-Lime Flavor :)

Electrolyte Drink Mixes are everywhere, but do you really know what's in that packet?

Take a look at the comparison chart below to see how PowerPAQ stacks up with the competition...

(Hint: PowerPAQ beats them all, in ingredients AND cost per serving)

Power Up Your Hydration

It's no wonder PowerPAQ is the obvious choice for rapid rehydration amongst Elite Athletes like Pro-Surfer Cam Richards.

Loaded with 100mg of ITM Electrolytes and 1200mg of Vitamin C, PowerPAQ delivers more Electrolytes and Vitamin C per ounce, in the suggested serving size, than leading sports performance drinks and any other electrolyte drink mix.

Other ingredients in PowerPAQ, like maganese, zinc and selenium have also been shown to support proper hydration and immune function.

This blend of ingredients works in unison to help achieve your hydration goals, and can boost immune system function in the process! Try PowerPAQ Today, and PowerUp your Hydration.

Ready To Drink In Seconds!

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