The Shocking Truth About Dehydration

Studies Indicate that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated [i].

The studies claim that dehydration is the #1 Cause of mid-day Fatigue, general tiredness and lack of energy.

USA Today reported that water alone is not enough to stay hydrated and healthy: "Electrolytes are key to staying healthy and hydrated." [ii]

Power Up Your Hydration

Now that you know the facts about hydration, what can you do to ensure proper hydration while boosting your immune system?

Try PowerPAQ!

Loaded with 100mg of ITM Electrolytes and 1200mg of Vitamin C, PowerPAQ delivers more electrolytes per ounce in the suggested serving size than leading sports performance drinks.

Other ingredients in PowerPAQ, like maganese, zinc and selenium have been shown to help with proper hydration and immune function.

This blend of ingredients works in unison to help achieve your hydration goals, and can boost immune system function in the process! Try PowerPAQ today, and PowerUp your Hydration.

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